Wedwar Awards - WA CONTEST-16


Sūrat (India)


Scott Josuweit

York (United States)

SMJ Photography

Rohit Kadyan

New Delhi (India)

Rohit Kadyan Photography

Caterina Ciccarelli

San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

Ritrae Studio

This photograph was taken during a small photo session in the streets of San Miguel de Allende. The wall on which the bride and groom are leaning is a totally flat wall. With the help of my partner Jorge Alcalá we were able to place a homemade blending machine and thus be able to put more shadows on the groom. The photography had a basic edition and the result was this one that I really fell in love with.

Daan Fortuin

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Daan Fortuin fotografie

Rohan Shinde

Mumbai (India)

Rohan Shinde Photography

Tony Clancy

Cork (Ireland)

Tony Clancy Photography

Anna Dovgopolaya

London (United Kingdom)

Carj studio

It might not be the most "beautiful" wedding I ever photographed, but it definitely was the most touchy wedding I ever had. The bride has 7 brothers(1 of the twins passed by as a child). All of them came from Ireland to support their only sister on a very important day. Gemma lost her mom a while ago and that's why candles were lightened in memory of her during the ceremony. The most touchy speeches and the most powerful family support. No words needed, just goosebumps.

Fran Barba

Valencia (Spain)

Fran Barba Estudios

Matteo Originale fotoOri Studio

La Spezia (Italy)

fotoOri studio

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