Matteo Originale fotoOri Studio

Matteo Originale fotoOri Studio

La Spezia (Italy)

ABOUT Photographer

I started photographing as a child, in an attempt to imitate my father. I was fascinated by his cameras, the alchemy of the darkroom. Growing up, I continued to cultivate my curiosity for the "world of the image", initially trying my hand at architecture and landscape photos. Over time this particular way of "interacting with reality" has turned into a strong passion and I have still made passion my job. I like to think that over the years I have not lost the child's curiosity, the desire to progress, experiment and question myself. I love to photograph the wedding because it is a "special" day, full of strong emotions .. emotions that I try to reproduce in my shots. To do this, I try first of all to get in tune with the spouses, to help them extricate themselves through the folds of a day that sometimes becomes "disorientating". The best thing about my job is that many of those spouses ... today they are mine friends. 2016/2018 Photographer of the year Agwpja