Wedwar is an International Wedding Photography community that showcases the work of the best wedding photographers in the world. Wedwar is a platform where you will get a chance to compete with wedding photographers of different proficiency levels and learn new skills and ideas every day.

Wedwar is for everyone who has a passion for wedding photography. No matter, if you are a newbie or veteran wedding photographer, you can definitely register on Wedwar.

The procedure to become a Wedwar member is pretty easy as all you need to do is register on the website with the required details.

Yes definitely Wedwar has the following perks for you:
  • Upload your best wedding photographs from any corner and get noticed by the world.
  • Get appreciated by the lords of wedding photography
  • Shine every month with your best pictures
  • Get promoted on our social media pages
  • Connect with the audience by sharing your inspiring story on our blog

To submit an entry you need to follow the following guidelines:
  • The photograph should be originally yours.
  • The photograph should not promote any company or product.
  • The photograph must have been shot at wedding, pre-wedding, post-wedding or an engagement event.
  • The photographer should be a member of Wedwar.

If the city or state it is not included in the list then you can select the nearest available definition and can submit your query at info@wedwar.com

The photographs will be selected in two rounds. First, best entries will be chosen and in the second round, the judges will select the best photographs from the chosen entries.

The photographers who has won at least one Wedwar award in any of the contest shall be listed on the Photographers listing page.

There is no limit for participation. Yes, you can participate with last month’s photographs but the condition is that the photograph is not awarded.

No Wedwar does not take any copyright on the pictures posted by the photographers. The copyright of the photograph will be held by the person who has clicked them.

Yes, you can submit photographs of other ceremonies such as pre-wedding, post-wedding or an enagagment.

The lists of all monthly winners can be located in the previous month lists and in the year-end we will create a whole new list of the best photographers.

You can hire the photographers by selecting the pictures of the photographer from our winner lists. The name and contact of the photographer will be displayed.

You can share your questions, views, and feedback for Wedwar at our feedback form or mail us at info@wedwar.com.