Fran Barba

Fran Barba

Valencia (Spain)

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Fran Barba Estudios

ABOUT Photographer

We are Fran Barba and Raúl Barba, professional photographers. Our wedding reports are, without posing, to capture the moment and the natural expression of each person. We only pose and if you want in the family photos, the rest of the report we do it natural and without altering any situation. We are experts in composing photography by letting things and gestures and expressions of each person happen, so that they emerge naturally. The type of wedding report that we do is called, Wedding Photojournalism or Natural Report. We go unnoticed, almost invisible at the wedding because the protagonists are you and that is how we want it to be. And also, we are here to help you with whatever you need. You have a whole professional team at your disposal.