Wedwar Awards - WA CONTEST-28

Helen Navajas

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Helen Navajas Fine Art

Lars Gode

Köln (Germany)

LG Photography

When different cultures meet, there are also different customs and traditions. Like here with the Danes: When the guests start to trample their feet, the bride and groom first have to climb on chairs and kiss and then crawl under the table and kiss again. Of course, a wonderful photo motif.

Marielle Franssen

Nuth (Netherlands)


Rais De Weirdt

Brussels (Belgium)

Raïs De Weirdt

Francisco Jalon

Jaén (Spain)

Francisco Jalón

Fran Barba

Valencia (Spain)

Fran Barba Estudios

takashi maruyama

Osaka (Japan)

LIFE PhotoStudio

Scott Josuweit

York (United States)

SMJ Photography

Victor Sarabia Grau

Orihuela (Spain)

Victor Sarabia GrauFOTOGRAFÍA

Theodore Vourlis

Athens (Greece)

Theodore Vourlis Photography