Wedwar Awards - WA CONTEST-20

Marielle Franssen

Nuth (Netherlands)


Petra Bravenboer

Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Maria Alafouzou

Athens (Greece)

Maria Alafouzou Photography

Andreas Grau

Stuttgart (Germany)

Andreas Grau Fotografie

Satyan Seetaram

Quatre Bornes (Mauritius)

Capture Production Ltd

Matteo Originale fotoOri Studio

La Spezia (Italy)

fotoOri studio

Details of ceremony


Sūrat (India)


Naomi Wisman van Zwam

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Moments by Naomi Photography

Stunning sunset on the end of the day. It was my last wedding for this year and it was a beautiful day!

Lars Gode

Köln (Germany)

LG Photography

I love it when bridal couples sometimes take more difficult photos. Now one wonders what was so difficult about it ?! OK. The access to the pasture was secured with barbed wire. The bride is afraid of cows, and a wedding dress doesn't really get along with what cows leave behind in a pasture. :-) Still, both of them managed it wonderfully.

Rais De Weirdt

Brussels (Belgium)

Raïs De Weirdt