Wedwar Awards - WA CONTEST-12

Matteo Originale fotoOri Studio

La Spezia (Italy)

fotoOri studio

Emotion in ceremony

Petra Bravenboer

Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Rais De Weirdt

Brussels (Belgium)

Raïs De Weirdt

When love is beautiful, and it gets even prettier when that love gets framed by the beauty of nature and its mountains.. That's the moment you know why you became a photographer in the first place.

Sina Frantzen

Remscheid (Germany)


Drivers' break during the portrait session :)

Andrea Cofano

Rome (Italy)

Andrea Cofano Photograpy

In the ancient village of Tivoli near Rome with a Russian married couple walking through the small streets and picturesque corners of a beautiful place rich in history.

Rais De Weirdt

Brussels (Belgium)

Raïs De Weirdt

Sometimes the most stunning views ask for the most effort.. Climbing for hours before the sun has even risen.. But they make it móre than worth it once you reach the top, shoot an image like this, and know your couple will have the most beautiful image imaginable remembering their wedding for the rest of their life..

chaitanya reddy

Hyderabad (India)

NavChaitu Clicks

Daan Fortuin

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Daan Fortuin fotografie

During the ceremony this girl sat so beautifully on the floor. I call this one the puppet girl ;) Find the hand above her and the half piece of big people's world contrasting so funny. love these little moments

takashi maruyama

Osaka (Japan)


Shivam Sharma

Haridwar (India)

Shri Bala Ji Films