sandeep pangerkar

sandeep pangerkar

Mumbai (India)

ABOUT Photographer

Hello Myself Sandeep owner of Wedding Frames by Sandeep Pangerkar (WFS) .The interest I have is that I LOVE to shoot WEDDINGS. I believe a picture tells the story most when captured at the Right Time & with the Right Angle. My style is a mixture of candid and photojournalistic, and being an avid people photographer, I typically focus on capturing candid moments and emotions that are found aplenty during weddings. I am best used when let loose to mingle about the crowd, and shadow the couple getting married while they go through the Proceedings of the day. In doing so, I’ll use my experience to sniff out the most fun, memorable and emotional moments during your wedding and ensure that it’s preserved for posterity. These kind of moments are precious – the bride getting ready, family and friends, fun moments with the groom, funny moments