Michael Pickel

Michael Pickel

Strasbourg (France)

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More than a photographer Choosing a photographer for a day as important as this one, it is not only to select someone who takes pictures... Taking beautiful pictures, knowing how to make you looking good, immortalizing the teary eyes, capturing the silliness of the children ... are only a part of what I can offer you. For me, being a wedding photographer is above all being a person you can keep on. It is to advise you, to accompany you, and to be with your listening. It is to do everything to make your day goes as well as possible. But, it’s also about making you feel comfortable with photography. It’s making it a game. It is to sympathize with your friends, to charm your family to only capture the natural, It’s living your wedding, by your side, to tell your story with authenticity in images. For me, being a wedding photographer means getting to know each other beforehand, having a good time on your wedding day, and keeping see each other afterwards. Michael