Wedwar Awards - WA CONTEST-5

Rais De Weirdt

Brussels (Belgium)

Raïs De Weirdt

Lines don't divide Truly beautiful compositions and lines often symbolise more than one might realise upon first glance. They express the strong bonds between couples and the strong connection a marriage brings with it. Because as the title states: lines don’t divide.

Scott Josuweit

York (United States)

SMJ Photography

Paul Duane

Dublin (Ireland)

Paul Duane photography

Antonio Gonzalez de Huelva Abad

Ciudad Real (Spain)


Love in the monumental cathedral of Cuenca (Spain)

Paul Duane

Dublin (Ireland)

Paul Duane photography

Lars Gode

Köln (Germany)

LG Photography

Time can stand still when two people love each other. I love this picture, especially because we were only undisturbed for a short time in Cologne's subway. That moment was magical because the world stopped spinning for a brief moment. Made with a Canon EOS R and a Sigma Art 1.4 lens.

Naomi Wisman van Zwam

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Moments by Naomi Photography

Rakesh Janardan

Mumbai (India)

Kahani by Rakesh Janardan

This photo was captured in Manali, India Feeling very happy to achieve this award. because it's my first award

Nikolas Prado

Curitiba (Brazil)

Nikolas Prado

Mischa Baettig

Zürich (Switzerland)

Mischa Baettig Photography